Interesting benchmark results

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Interesting benchmark results

Post by gandreas » Tue Mar 07, 2006 4:58 pm

Since quadrium extensively uses every available resource on the system (supporting both multiple CPUs and extensive Altivec acceleration), it seemed like a good test for my new MacBookPro (1.83 Ghz).

So opened the same image (that blue spiral found in the fractals starting points) and scrolled it around, forcing a bunch of redraws, and checked the frame rate (higher numbers = better)

First, on a G5 dual 2.5:

No Altivec: 3.6 fps
Altivec: 9.1 fps

The the MBP, running Rosetta:

No Altivec: 1.3 fps
Altivec: 8.2 fps

Finally, an early test of 2.0, which includes native support (though the vector code is still somewhat weak):

No vector: 5.75 fps
Vector: 8.4 fps

What was amazing is how good the Rosetta emulation of Altivec was - while switching from "scalar" to "vector" normally would increase frame rate in quadrium by a factor of about 3, this was 6x. It also shows I've got a lot of work to do on the SSE code (but since I've never touched SSE code before yesterday, it seems like a good start), and that I did a pretty good job of the Altivec code...

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