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quadrium2 features in next rev

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:51 pm
by gandreas
The next release of quadrium2 will have some very cool new features:

- More fractals (various magnet, nova, and phoenix fractals - both Mandelbrot sets and Julia Sets)
- Trap blending - allows for some very nice seamless style traps
- "Satin" style fractal coloring
- Trap origin change - includes being able to set an offset, as well as a "mobility" (for example, allowing traps to "follow" the fractal)
- Recursive fractal carpets
- AppleScriptability
- "Outlet peek" - command click on an outlet, the view changes to show the "live" value of that output node
- Easier overlays - just drag an image, snapshot, starting point, etc... and drop it on the side edge of the input node will make it an over/underlay, blended with the existing image
- ColorSync support, including being able to make simple ColorSync based image adjustments (such as gamma)

It'll still be a week or two, but registered users who are interested in beta testing, please contact me.

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 9:58 am
by gandreas
The next version of quadrium2 (probably called 2.2) will include three major new capabilities:

- Saving nodes
- Embedding nodes
- Scripted nodes

The first lets you take a node and save it as a file - so if you like a fractal with a given trap setting and the like and you hate having to constantly reset these, you can just save the node (and it will appear in a new category in the node browser). By itself, this feature is interesting, but not all that exciting...

Embedding node are new nodes that include an entire tree within them, allowing for all sorts of cool effects, such as "iterating" through a series of values, letting you compose the result of a series of images. Another node allows you to easily make photoshop style layering (where each layer is within the "layer node", which, of course, you can do other things that aren't even remotely possible in traditional layering, such as rotating or warp individual layers). Or you can just take a series of nodes and embed them in a simple "wrapper", and use the saving feature and create your own custom nodes.

Scripted nodes allows you specify a special script that is then dynamically compiled (into native code for maximum speed) which allows you to create whole new nodes (which, of course, you can save). And yes, this includes a fully scripted fractal node.

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:00 am
by ajks
I didn't actually understand much of that but so long as it looks pretty it's fine by me.