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Post by gandreas » Mon Sep 18, 2006 11:01 pm

tomax wrote: 1024 1280 1920 2048 h-res please. :) also being able to set the v-res directly or set an aspect ratio for the window, instead of buggering around with the gui size. would like to see my framing and not have to post-crop &c.
I've added up to 2048 (barring problems, of course). The movie's aspect ratio is the same as the document, so just set the aspect ratio in "info" tab (setting it to 8" x 6" gives a nice 4:3)
i have done some experiments before with other flame-gens in Maya, using an animated flame sequence to generate a particle volume by pushing the emission of the image plane along a path to get some "Solaris"/SPORE-like 3D stuff. hardware particles and lots of memory come in handy... that's one cool thing about hardware particles is that you can use "sprite"/(billboard) particles to give you more volume and density with less points... you can also use the gradient intensity and/or hue to weight particles for dynamics/forces motion processing, which is interesting.
I've thought about trying to throw in particles into the rendering (and I've been experimenting with other rendering techniques, like using HSL color space instead of RGB which have some potential), but there's some fundamental differences between IFS and a particle system like SPORE (especially when it comes to things like strange attractors).
yikes i think i need a dual quad-core with 16GB straightaway! :P speaking of which, have you benchmarked on G5 vs CoreDuo like you did for q2? i'd be interested.
What's really needed is a 64bit version of quadrium, but since it's entirely dependent on Objective-C, it'll have to wait for Leopard. As for G5 vs CoreDuo, flame is going to probably end up faster on a CoreDuo because there isn't that much AltiVec code to give the advantage to the G5.
PS what's "band the image" - memory constraint? if so, let me use much more in prefs if you would; i've got 4GB (i know, 640K should be enough for anyone ;)
The basic idea is a trade off between memory and speed - it limits the size of the bands to prevent serious trashing of your computer. Unless you're rendering large high res images (like Super B 300 DPI) a quarter gig should be plenty (and it's unclear if even for the very high settings that higher values would help - at least a couple of tests didn't show any significant difference).

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