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Post by gandreas » Thu Apr 21, 2005 7:20 pm

The next version (1.0.2) of quadrium should be out sometime soon. Below is a list of what to expect:
  • * Gradient with cyclic styles were inconsistent between Altivec and non-Altivec for very large values (such as you'd see with very large bailout values in escape fractals and "shaded" style external coloring).
    * Added a bunch of new nodes (various fractals, weaving pattern, etc...)
    * Support for metric sizes
    * Command clicking in the view will show a ruler as you drag the image
    * Option clicking in the view will show a magnified version at that location (you can zoom in/out using up/down arrow keys or mouse scroll wheel).
    * Problems with images of non-square sizes fixed (might result in some shifting of images in some cases).
    * Copy image uses compressed TIFF format now
    * Provides post render "open with" list of all applications that advertise support of TIFF files.
    * Aliases to application or Automator applications (need to be saved as applications, not as just workflows) can be added to ~/Library/Application Support/quadrium/Image Apps and these will also be listed in the post render action list.
    * Fixed some Altivec problems with parametric nodes
    * Spotlight importer
    * Document now can contain a copyright field
    * Fixed problem printing on non-default paper sizes

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