Wishlist for Mondo Dock 1.3

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Wishlist for Mondo Dock 1.3

Post by RTO » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:31 am

1) Faster visual effect when you press the info-button in the dock, or even better – a shrink-time that is independant of the number of icons in the dock. It takes forever to save a new state if you have a crowded dock.

2) Possibility to select non-translucent colors for the dock background.

3) Section dividers.

4) Support for the Trash can, with icons for "empty" and "full" state.

5) Icons vertically centered in the dock, [i]i.e.[/i] less blank space below them (see the Apple dock which looks much better in this respect).

6) Settings that allow the dock to grow/shrink from the left, right or middle as new icons are added/removed. This makes it easier to organize the space in the dashboard layer.

7) The ability to have the forthcoming "mondo docklets" to automatically run a script every time the Mondo dock is viewed (or the Dashboard layer is activated), and then set its own icon badge with info (text or picture). Would be great to use for displaying system status or dynamic info from the web.

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