problems with mondo solitaire (black hole etc)

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problems with mondo solitaire (black hole etc)

Post by MM » Wed Sep 26, 2007 6:53 am

Mondo Solitaire does not always recognize when I win a game. This especially happens in black hole--where I've now won three games and every time, no falling cards and every time it doesn't add the win to my statistics.

Also bothering me:

annoyingly small cards (particularly in some games)
no UNDO (why no UNDO?)
no replay same game
certain games, double clicking doesn't work so everything has to be moved manually (eliminator for example) -- it would be nice to have this as a preference -- double clicking to move cards on/off, because in some games I really, really want it, and in some games it messes me up

also, it would be nice to have more advanced statistics--for with my imaginary undos, with whatever, with overall games played...

maybe session statistics (so that you could reset the statistics at some point and have it look nice and pretty or keep track from a certain point but still see your overall stuff too)

but I'd just settle for it counting my wins

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