Version 0.4 released

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Version 0.4 released

Post by gandreas » Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:58 am

From the release notes:

• "Info Details" command - for "rich shell" (including the shell inside a debugger) you can get object information about the current item - like a tooltip/doc string, but with more (contextual based) details. In the debugger variable display, the same information will be presented in a help window
• Fixed bugs with Python:
- Rich shell "%d" % (5,) problem fixed
- Quotes inside variable values show up correctly
- Dictionaries whose keys are tuples or other such creatures now work (though user objects as keys still not implemented)
- Append the directory of the source file to the path for debugged programs
• Manually refresh variables in debugger by pressing the little "circle arrow" button
• Rich shells can show (global) variables - note that like the debugger, there is no "live update" dependancy between the console and the variable display (so if you want to refresh the variable display, you'll need to manually refresh variables by pressing the little "circle arrow" button)
• Default directory is now the one that holds the running script (unless the various run options alter that) instead of "/".
• Fixed bug where debugger display wouldn't use latest source

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