1.2b2 - observations

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1.2b2 - observations

Post by Zooreka » Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:00 pm

Hi Glenn

Good to see some of the issues mentioned in other threads fixed. I played with the new beta for about 10 minutes earlier on. Bubble Spiral Script now working without a problrem as does the alpha export function however still the same problem when you come to saving your render to designated file type.

I left it set at png and still it tries to write to tiff so I still need to go back into the save dialog, change to another extension type and then back to png again before it will do as asked

Not sure if you have included the new rendering algorithm in this version yet - will check it out later on

just found the HDR1 option and am waiting for it to render out. Noticed 1 or 2 changes to the mutations panel too.... mind you choosing the hdr option seems to have morphed all the topologies too in render preview.... will come back later on this

UPDATE2:Bad news I'm afraid: tried 2 renders at 1000px x 1000px 300 2:1 on two different images. Two with export to Alpha unchecked - both times crashing the program on around 25 minutes. The other I tried with alpha checked and all it rendered was..... blank!

Update3: Fianlly rendered a HD image sucessfully though alpha still returns a blank layer whether I use the script on the checkbox method. At least this one did not crash the program:

Spirit of the Harvest


Looks promising but is very touch and go - rendering is much sharper and brighter too

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