Can quadrium2 create the same stuff as flame?

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Can quadrium2 create the same stuff as flame?

Post by freedom » Fri Aug 03, 2007 3:05 pm

New here,
Gandreas: -can you perhaps draw up a comparison chart on the 2 fractal software please?

I'm playing with flame and wonder if quadrium2 can do the same AND more?


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Post by gandreas » Sat Aug 04, 2007 9:39 am

No, not really.

quadrium2 started out to be the "do everything" sort of program, but it turns out that "iterative fractal systems" can't be done well with q2, which is why flame exists.

Basically, everything that q2 generates it does by being able to render any given pixel at any given location at any given resolution at any given time - the program says "what color is x,y?" and out cranks a color. This allows me to do things like the magnifying glass well, anti aliasing, multi-processor support, etc...

There are two drawbacks - there are certain effects (such as blurring) that requires calculating multiple pixels and then combining the result (and in blurring, at a specific resolution as well). Short of calculating all those pixels for each pixel I need to plot (slowing things down by a factor of 16 or more), the current version doesn't support this.

The second drawback is that a given style of image (the IFS) require calculating millions and millions of points and combining them all together to form the entire image - the only way to know what color a given location is going to be is to calculate the entire image and then look. Needless to say, this is the completely opposite way that q2 works.

To see a comparison, q2 has a node called "strange attractor" which attempts to emulate one of the quadratic attractors that flame has (you can even use the same character string between the two). q2 does this by trying to approximate the figure using only a small number of points (to avoid taking forever), while flame does the whole thing "right". You can create images with both that have similar shape, but the detail of flame can't be touched by q2...

Obviously they both do share similar capabilities (such as the mutations, breeding, tweening, movie generation, etc...) but they are two extremely different engines in the same framework. So you might be able to get some similar results between the two, but the overlap is extremely minor.

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Post by freedom » Sat Aug 04, 2007 9:50 am

...thanks for the reply!

-I've been playing till the small hours of this morning with flame; and I continue to be amazed! SO it doesn't really matter what does what -this program IS utterly amazing.
Just a pity about the Alpha channel bit on the animation... -I'm trying your suggestion on the script you supplied for the PNG stills export on it -but sitting with a render that seems to be going quite slow.... -'greedy I am'
Any other suggestions for getting a PJPeG animation, 25 FPs with alpha?

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Post by FarbGerEcht » Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:18 am

Wow, the strange attractor node certainly does worth.

Can you layer two movies with iMovie/Quicktime?
That would be nice.

I always thought of
quadrium | flame as Photoshop (pixel) and
quadrium2 as Illustrator (vector) equivalent.

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