quadrium plans for 2008

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quadrium plans for 2008

Post by gandreas » Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:34 am

For those who don't read the quadrium rss feed, here's the plans for the quadrium family of products in 2008:

* Ship quadrium | prime - there are probably two more beta tests versions to go, and the documentation is about 2/3rds done (still need to update the quadriumScript reference from what is supported for q2, as well as online help and some reference material)
* quadrium | flame update, adding some major new capabilities hinted at previously, as well as the ability to use more than one cpu/core while rendering (which should really help rendering times for large documents on multicore machines). I hope to add the ability to write custom topologies using quadriumScript in this release as well
* quadrium2 update to add support for creating UI via quadriumScript (so your custom nodes aren't limited to the handful of sliders, colorwells, etc... - rather you can define what you need in quadriumScript and the UI will be generated to match). I'm also hoping to add the ability to embed quadrium | prime and quadrium | flame documents inside, allowing you to, for example, create a flame image and use the "frame" node to make a mat and frame on it. At this point, I'm thinking of renaming q2 to more reflect its "core" nature (and help make the naming system cleaner)
* UI enhancements, such as a single window/full screen are a possibility. At the very least, a bunch of "behind the scenes" work will be going on to make sure that all members of the quadrium family have similar features.
* Movie making enhancements are also planned, though these are not tied to any one specific product (but hopefully with the ui work mentioned previously, will be seamlessly rolled out in all of them)
* 64 bit support - I've got a preliminary version of flame that runs under 64 bit, but there are some third party libraries that I've got dependancies on that will prevent me from shipping this feature until they are supported (plus I need to update quadriumScript to generate 64 bit code, which is a big task).
* Other quadrium and quadrium related products. These may include something which works quadium style magic with vector graphics, and something I'm referring to as "unnatural media". I've also want to make a simple celtic knotwork editor (ever since adding the celtic node to quadrium I've wanted to be able to use specific patterns, and not just random ones), so "celtium" might make an appearance (and an update to be able to read these files in a node in quadrium).

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