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KlondikeGame (2)

Post by nancylysoo » Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:45 pm

There us a problem with the shuffled deck. It will move to the left and dissapear to the right and not show any cards. Then I have to choose another card game and then go back to KlondikeGame (2) to continue playing.

I thinks it occurs if I accidently choose to shuffle to the next three card too quickly. This has been a constant problem. I am not able to finish the game and must discard this KlondikeGame set completely. In fact in the new game of KlondikeGame set, the cards in the shuffle deck will also dissapear and I am not able to continue to play the game.

I finally figured out to reset the KlondikeGame set when it is stuck. I have to choose another card game such as fortressGame or spiderGame, etc... and then reselect KlondikeGame set and the shuffle will work normally and I can continue playing the KlondikeGame.

Could this issue or bug be fixed?

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