svg Detective released

A simple viewer/inspector for Scalable Vector Graphics files
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svg Detective released

Post by gandreas » Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:30 pm

version 1.0b1 of "svg Detective" is now available.

It's a simple SVG viewer, converter, and inspector, built around some SVG technology that's being developed here for various sundry uses. It doesn't do a perfect job, but it's pretty close (and for the large majority of images, it is spot on).

Notable exceptions is no scripting, events, filters, text on a path and animation. There are also some limitations on text layout (no bidi or kerning), gradients, and style sheets. Still, it's a lot lighter weight than a web browser, and even works on 10.3.9 (and requires no extra software installed) - all for 656K (universal)! And it's hard to go wrong with the price...

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