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New scripts

Post by gandreas » Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:43 am

Two new scripts have been added to the online Scriptorium - "DisGrays" and "FlowerBox".

DisGrays provides some object that can create a texture based on transformations (and vice-versa). This show a simple way to take one object and use it as another (and makes a great way to warp your images in bizarre and unusual ways).

FlowerBox provides a way to use iterated feedback of transcendental functions (in particular, the "sin()" function) to create interesting textures that warp and twist, ranging from a flower like shape to a box like grid (or a box of flowers for that matter). This method is then extended to create textures, transforms, traps, and fractals... This is also a good example of how to encapsulate an idea in a base class and then create a series of other objects based on that idea.

So just open the "Scriptorium" window, and then type in either "FlowerBox" or "DisGrays" in the name search (or enter "gandreas" in author) and click on the file it finds to download & install your own copy of them...

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