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Tiger gets indigestion with this.

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:36 pm
by Zooreka
Hi Andreas... I have noted you on your dA account about the results of testing the product now that I finally have had an opportunity to do so. As you know It simply did not cut it for me at all on Tiger.... I took Leopard off my machine a few days ago for other issues but oddly enough Prime behaved quite well on Leo.

Back on Tiger again and I managed to really fight with the app to get a few renders out..... Sigh! I really like this app but it has to come off by the looks of it. It simply takes too long to update each action. A monster memory hog it seems.....

Q 2.3 on the other hand is behaving itself nicely this time round. I have had maybe only 2 crashes in the few days since it's been up... maybe because the combo I had was quite complex....

For anylone interested my results can be seen here: Zooreka - Quadrium Gallery

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:22 am
by gandreas
There is at least one really weird (and very annoying) bug in prime that I've yet to resolve. Sometimes, when changing parameters, it looses the ability to make more changes until the image completely redraws (normally, you can make changes at any time, and it will cancel the current redrawing and start over with the updated values). Don't know what causes it or why - there's some weird interaction that prevents events from being dispatched in the main (UI) thread at some point.

Also, prime is more resource intensive than q2 due to the way it works - in prime, changing a parameter effectively means recompiling a program, and then running it (it includes an optimizing compiler that basically strings together the various quadriumScript components into a larger program which renders the image). Trying to "interpret" the program would remove some of the startup time, but make the whole thing about 5-10 times slower to actually redraw the image. Needless to say, compilers can take a lot of resources.

While q2 has support for quadriumScript, it's rare that you make changes that require constant recompilation. Also q2 is optimized to take advantage of SSE and AltiVec (which requires hand tuning specific routines).

Regardless, you got some very nice images out of the ordeal!

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 4:12 pm
by Zooreka
Thanks for addressing this... pretty much confirmed my suspicions.... not sure why it is apparently performs far worse on Tiger than Leopard though - Leo if anything is way more memory intensive as an OS... so when you load a memory intensive application on same the result if anything should show worse performance on Leo.... Not the case in my experience.

Thanks also for the gallery comment..... I persevere where I can but love how Q2 is performing at present...... as i said having had several months messing around with PC apps I have a better idea of the images I am after. I did not find Q2 at all easy to start out with. Would stll recommend a 'light' version of it (maybe along the lines of sterlingware' or 'Tierazon' with a handful of common formulae and colouring algrotythms. That way one could ease into Q2......

Posted: Tue May 06, 2008 1:50 pm
by gandreas
A "light" version of quadrium2 is a good idea - I've seriously been considering splitting off a light version of flame with all the new features making it more than a little "stuffed to the gills" (especially the 3D oriented ones), and I've considered the same for q2 as well.

The problem, of course, is that removing features for a simpler product is significantly more difficult than it appears - you need to figure out exactly where to draw the line and then make the holes where you ripped out features not look like ugly scars. For q2 is might be easier to make something that is significantly different (for example, instead of nodes with arbitrary wiring, the nodes connect directly to each other in a single line, or perhaps there are a couple of common "patterns" that can be used).

Some features are easy to say "oh, this is more advanced" so are easier to remove (say, for example, the ability to write your own nodes with quadriumScript) but others are a lot harder to remove (sort of like a parent picking their favorite child). Do you just do fractals? Do you support other sorts of interesting "algorithm" art nodes? Support movies? Tweening? The full gradient editor? Or maybe just a gradient picker? Remove too much and the result isn't usable - not enough and it isn't actually simpler to use...