MaPnakotic OK with MapTool 1.3.b89

gandreas software products on the iPhone/iPod touch
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MaPnakotic OK with MapTool 1.3.b89

Post by lux » Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:11 am

For those interested, I successfully tested the most recent version of MapTool with MaPnakotic.

Everything seemed to go well. We played for about a couple of hours; MapTool 1.3.b89 was running on a MacBook Pro 17" (Early 2009) with OS X 10.8.4. I was personally managing a 3rd generation iPad and an iPhone 5, both updated to the most recent iOS; other players brought a couple of iPad 2, one iPhone 4S, two iPhone 4.

Serving the maps seemed perhaps just a little faster to me than 1.3.b87 protocol, but could be just an impression.

I've been using MaPnakotic for several 4e sessions and some dozens of hours of gameplay, and even if the software has some rough edge, it works and bought some spice and novelty to our board of seasoned and grumpy longtime players.

Kudos to gandreas! If any poll ever goes on on this, I'm ready and willing to pay for the app and have more development and time dedicated.

Thanks for your attention. :-)

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