Astrolgo - Bi-wheel aspects not showing

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Astrolgo - Bi-wheel aspects not showing

Post by Lightheart » Sat Nov 23, 2013 5:20 pm

Thanks for the great app..very ambitious undertaking no doubt.

When viewing 2 charts and having the "show aspects" on I would expect they would display much like a single chart displays them..can you integrate this would be most useful in comparing charts. The only option for comparing charts is the interactive tool which is limited to one aspect at a time.

The interactive aspects option that is currently in place is clunky (navigating each aspect using an ipad3 has a latency/delay issue and is cumbersome to align in the wheel).

Secondly, if the time dial could be used with two charts and display the aspects simutaneously the app would be a super tool. :wink:

Mr. Lightheart

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