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Astrologo app ver 2.4 -- Change in how ephemeris works

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:36 am
by Gaiamuse
Want you to know that I have found previous versions of the Astrologo app really helpful -- and it became one of my favorite astrology tools -- one of the reasons was because in the ephemeris I could change the date day by day, or by month or year and instantly see a planet's position as time went by. Great for mercury retrograde checks, finding out when an aspect is exact, approaching, separating, etc. - it was really helpful. For some reason I can no longer find it -- meaning you've removed that ability in 2.4 -- so I can no longer change the date and see planetary positions change as I do that -- instead I have to leave the screen, change the date to whenever -- go back and see what the change is and then go back and correct. Very disappointing. If I'm wrong just tell me what I need to do to regain that ability - will be happy to be corrected. But if it is no longer there and If you're not going to add this back...I'm going to have keep searching for it in other programs...:- :(