Application Request: iCombat (Tactical Combat for PnPRPG)

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Application Request: iCombat (Tactical Combat for PnPRPG)

Post by raynerape » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:49 am

Given your interest in RPGs, the next thing we are missing after you totally killed dice apps niche with Dicenomicon, is a Tactical Combat Gridsheet on iPhone. This application should support near-infinite (as memory allows) square and hex gridline, and an extensive library of counters that can be freely moved with a drag of a finger. The application should support:

* Square and Hex Grids.
* Save and Load Grid.
* Fill Square/Hex with Color, draw Freeform Lines.
* Infinite (as memory allows) Space, Wide Range of Pan and Zooming.
* Internal Library of standard Counters, plus Import Image from iPhone Photos as Counter (this downsizes a photo, cuts it into square or hex shape and adds it to the library). Great way for users to download fantasy images and create counters from them. Allow inline panning the Image inside the Square or Hex Pattern before the shape is cut. Counters are catalogized in categories, one for PCs, NPCs, Monsters, Items, Doors, etc.
* Draw colored arrows from to any point. Arrows are permanent until tapped on them with an erase tool. Draw Bursts, Cones, Blasts, etc.For some tools, as the finger is dragged to a corner of the screen, the screen starts sliding in that direction (see arrows, etc.)

It would be great if iCombat becomes a wide framework for RPG related features and Dicenomicon is implemented within it, allowing quick change from Grid Combat to Dice Rolling and vice versa... that could cost up to 30-40$ but be incredibly worth it... otherwise players will have to choose from Grid Combat iPhone and hand-rolled dice, or vice versa ;)

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