Upcoming Astrolgo 1.6

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Upcoming Astrolgo 1.6

Post by gandreas » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:30 pm

For those playing along in our home audience, Astrolgo 1.6 is nearing completion, and it's a got whole lot of new features:

- Extra chart styles:
- Renaissance
- Vedic North
- Vedic South
- Heliocentric
- Editable orbs (by either aspect or object, or both), with a variety of preset values
- Reports can be saved as PDF file that can be extracted using iTune's "document sharing" capability
- Added Hermetic Lots (similar to Arabic points of Fortune and Spirit)
- Settings can be saved/restored (so you can easily switch between different chart styles/options and what objects are shown)
- Calculation of various relative times, including Lunar and Solar returns, Synodic cycles, ingress, etc... These are available via the "Load" as well as the "Compare" options
- Locations can be entered into the "city search" field by latitude and longitude
- Various bug fixes and tweaks

Hopefully I'll be submitting this to the App Store in the next two weeks, barring major problems.

There are a raft of features that probably won't be added to this release, but will be in the list for the next:
- Lunar Mansions
- Chain of Disposition/Chain of Detriment
- Better orb details (applying, separating, sinister, dexter, "time lines", etc...)
- User definable points
- Fixed stars
- Tri-wheels
- Printing (though supporting printing appears, upon initial inspection, to require giving up support for 3.x firmware)
And, though this may wait for a 2.0 version, there are also plans for a calendar view, showing various upcoming transits, returns, (ideally with "user defined events") etc...

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Re: Upcoming Astrolgo 1.6

Post by rif » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:28 am

1.6 sounds great! Let alone your ideas for future feature. I look forward to the release.

Thanks for sharing your plans.

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Re: Upcoming Astrolgo 1.6

Post by rif » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:42 am

It's live this morning! Nice update. Thanks.

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