Astrolgo (iPhone) - New Chart questions

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Astrolgo (iPhone) - New Chart questions

Post by ksri99 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:40 am

Hello Everyone,

I'm very new to Astrolgo (on iPhone). Just bought it today. I felt that creating a new chart is not a very intuitive process and I struggled. I couldn't find any tutorial or basic help info on creating a new chart. Please point me to, if there is one around. I was able to set the date and time easily. Place of birth was not available in the list and I do not see any provision to add one.

To change the lat/long, the process I found by experimenting is to drag the present position on map to he desired place. As we cannot zoom much into the map this is very tough to pin point. Also the UI control to select timezone is not responsive. The places are not sorted by time zone offset and it was hard to search for the time zone.

Is this the only way to enter a chart? or am I missing something. Kindly point me to some detailed documentation or tips.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Astrolgo (iPhone) - New Chart questions

Post by gandreas » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:43 am

Astrolog uses a "television metaphor" (or at least that's the easiest way to explain things).

You "tune" to a specific channel (location/time) to see what is going on, or you can switch to your favorite channel (saved locations/time) or even use a schedule guide (the "calculated" values, like next full moon). Once there, you use "picture in picture" to look at another channel (the "compare" feature) and switch rapidly between the two, or show both at once (the slider at the top, with the middle position being "show both").

More specifically, there are two different ways you can select your location/time - either using the map, or directly from the "load saved report" screen - both support setting the same information, but in slightly different ways (from the "load saved report" screen you can't see the map, for example, so you have to enter the location by city or lat/long). The map allows you to drag the location around, or you can just click in the search field to search by city, etc.... You can also directly enter latitude and longitude coordinates (by default, it will try to use your current location - you need to turn off "use locations services" if you want to specify something other than that).

When you select a location, it will automatically try to pick the best time zone. Note that time zones are confusing (and made even more so since iOS version 4.0 decided to no longer show you the abbreviations for most of the time zones). There are often more than one similar time zone to choose from - this is because these different time zones include historical information (so a given city may be one time zone now, but 20 years ago it was in a different one because of difference in adopting daylight savings time, or even in a completely different offset all together).

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