Astrolgo - figuring it out, readability, aspect lines

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Astrolgo - figuring it out, readability, aspect lines

Post by astrologerjenny » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:06 pm

Just put Astrolgo on my i-phone after doing a lot of research to see what was the best app available. It took quite a while to figure anything out, but things got easier once I found the "help" menu - tucked away at the bottom of the "Prefs" page - and this topic board. (I found this first by googling, "Where can I find out something about this inscrutable Astrolgo app?")

The wheel is a little hard to read. Is there an option to get rid of the aspect lines? My preference is to just look at the degrees rather than the lines. I can see I will be using the option where you tap the middle and then move your finger to the edge to see exactly where things are. The main thing that disgruntles me is that you have to keep your finger there, or the info disappears.

Or you could put the degree info on the next page, where you have the planets listed in zodiacal order. Or even an option where you could just put a finger on the symbol there & get the degrees. Since this is a lot clearer & easier to read than the wheel, I think I would use it instead of the wheel if I could get degree info. As it is, I will probably spend a lot of time scrolling to the last page - "positions" - a very informative page, thank you!

Aside from these quibbles, I think I will really like Astrolgo. It's a great tool to check things out when you're not near your computer.

Jenny Yates

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