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Victoriana Black & White

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:43 am
by Crash Culligan
The die-rolling convention of Victoriana (and Airship Pirates) runs like this: Roll a number of white dice equal to your ability, plus a number of black dice corresponding to the difficulty of the task. Count all 1s and 6s. Roll another white die for every white 6 that comes up. Every black "success" cancels a white "success," and whatever is left shows how well you did.

I'm still coming to grips with the script editor, but I came up with this:

Code: Select all

@1 <= #1 Wd*6 @ .
@2 <= #2 Kd6 @ .
count1( @1 ) +
count6( @1 ) -
count1( @2 ) -
count6( @2 )
This works as expected, and it is good. But I'd like to improve it. Building on this, is there a way to highlight just the 1s and 6s?