Upcoming release plans

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Upcoming release plans

Post by gandreas » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:55 pm

Due to a number of important outstanding bug fixes, I've split the next release into a "minor" and "major" portion.

The minor portion "3.1.2" is (hopefully) ready to go, depending on what is found during testing. It includes:
- a bunch of bug fixes
- support for iPhone 5 screen size
- some major enhancements to the formula editor (such as "inline" editing of strings, better integration between the custom and native keyboards, etc...)
- built in set of "glyphs" (custom icons) for a wide range of purposes (from http://game-icons.net)
- enhancements to the custom die editor (including a preview of the die face and the ability to specify a custom default color, including translucent ones)

The major portion "3.2" includes support for active character sheets, initiative tracker, etc... Hopefully there won't be the need for a 3.1.3.

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