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My first attempt at a formula... A little guidance please.

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:18 pm
by hansvanderdrift

On a whim I thought I would try this app.

I have to say its seems like a blast. I am not a RPG player, but I do play a lot of wargames. I have got Pathfinder the boardgame version on the way.

I thought I would start by making a simple formula to help with a roll in a game I am playing at the moment (more to impress my friends)

I have spent a lot of time reading the forums, help files, spell book and the 1/4 written pdf book. But my attempts have failed me.

The game asks for a single d6 to be rolled. After it is rolled a variable modifier is added to the roll.

Then using that number (d6 + mod) you need to roll that many d6. (This is where my problem is)

For example, you roll a 4 and add 2 modifier. You then roll 6d6.

From there you select troops based on the rolls. 1-3 Militia, 4-5 Regulars, 6 zealots.

Any help would be appreciated.