Can I select a skill and select my weapon.

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Can I select a skill and select my weapon.

Post by hansvanderdrift » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:22 pm


I am playing pathfinder the card game and thought dicenomicon would be a good supplement to the game.

I do not want to create a character sheet (it's beyond me at the moment) but I would like to create a simplified selection for rolling.

In this game you have a skill and a possible card to add to the skill check.

For example. Check for combat is a strength skill of a D8 + Long sword +d6

But I could have another card on the next combat check where I use a different weapon.

So I am just seeing if by using variables and a checklist I could select the skill and the possible add on card and have dicenomicon roll both the relevant dice.

This is more of a general question, yes or no is can/can't be done.

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