Hello all... A little help if you will.

Simulated dice for role playing games
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Hello all... A little help if you will.

Post by neilgooge » Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:45 am

Howdy. Have been using dicenomicon since its early days, has been a huge help on a number of games... especially dice pool games, though until now have used it in its most basic form.

At the moment I am trying to create custom dice for a game I am finally developing.

I have created the dice, but, I don't know how to actually roll them. I am guessing I am being some what stupid, but still.

Also, I was wondering, once I have figured out how to roll them, if the app can calculate the odds of rolling those dice and the faces you would roll.

For example, could it calculate the potential number of hits rolled, in percentages, if you were using descent or imperial assault dice? So rather than it rolling an amount and me reading each result, instead it tells me, you have this percentage chance of rolling this many hits using 3 yellow 2 green dice.

Thanks for any help

Neil :)

Great flipping app by the way, pleased to read its getting an update ;)

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Re: Hello all... A little help if you will.

Post by gandreas » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:36 pm

If it is a numeric die, you use the "d?" key on the dice keyboard (and pick yours from the list). If it is a textual die, you can do similar but tap "alt" and use the "t?" key on the dice keyboard.

You can also do this to edit your die bar to show the custom die in it (I was playing "The Others" a couple of weeks back and the first thing that was said when we started was "there really needs to be more of these green dice" - to which I responded "well, I can just make some virtual ones").

Once you've rolled dice, you can swipe upwards from the bottom to reveal the accessories - the first one, the one with a bar graph, is what you want. It show you a bar graph of the changes to get a certain value (based on what was last rolled). Ideally, you'll want to use a formula that returns a numeric value, since otherwise a lot of the calculations aren't useful (since they are based on the literal string value of the results without any useful context)

There is at least some bugs in it (though some of them were 64 bit specific so you won't see them) that could cause it to crash. In the mean time, I'll add you to the beta test...

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