Customize speed bar

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Customize speed bar

Post by Zelannii » Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:00 am

The speed bar at the bottom of the screen, i have a request:

Be able to assign a function or macro to one of the spaces in that list. If that roll includes variables, prompt for them before rolling.

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Post by gandreas » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:21 pm

I've been thinking about that, but it doesn't quite work. The reason is that the bottom bar is for adding a single die to the "pile" on the table (leaving all the existing ones there, adding the results together). Full blown formulas assume that they are all that are there (otherwise things like die references and the like become ambiguous).

However, a subset of a full blown formula will work (basically the "roll" part of the expression, possibly with parameters). So you could, in theory, set up something that is "d10TN#1" but not "4d6H3" (since in the latter case, there is a bunch of things, and if you deleted one of the die, which you can do in freeform mode, the rest becomes meaningly). So you should be able to specify:
- Die Color
- Open endedness
- Number of Sides
- Custom die
- Roll Macro

Basically anything that deals with a single die (or at least a single "meta" die, such as d%)

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