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Web Interface

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:35 pm
by Vaden

First let me start off start off by saying how awesome I think the capabilities of Dicenomicon are. You don't know how times I've exclaimed "SWEET!" every time I learn a new way of doing something. I slap myself in the head when I think about how long I considered purchasing it.

Sorry if this is rushed but I see you're about to submit the next version. Also keep in mind I've only had a day to work with the app so if I mention something already addressed gently point me in the right direction<g>.

I've been working primarily with the web interface as I've had issues entering into the interface on the iphone and to get around the "unable to select functions" bug. Here are my questions/bugs:

- Is there a way to test a formula so I don't have to keep switching interfaces?
- I'm having an issue with Dicenomicon crashing when I exit to test a formula (using default port). Here's the procedure: 1) Connect with web browser and modify a formula; 2) In the program, back out of sharing and test said formula; 3) In program go back to sharing; 4) on web browser access the formula again; 5) crash!. I'm guessing the frequency is about 90%. Two things I've noticed. 1) It doesn't matter if you reactivate the server in the program or not, attempting to access the formula through the browser crashes it and 2) It won't crash if you wait for a while before accessing through the browser.
- The details for the parameters aren't preserved. The style resets to the first option and the values are blank most of the time so when I pull up the parameter details in the program they aren't correct.
- I noticed there's more formulas in the drop down list in the web interface than in the formulas section of the manual. Are they covered somewhere else or should I wait till you finish that section of the spellbook?
- Is there a way to delete anything through the web interface? I couldn't find a way to delete
rolls,functions, macros, or character sheets (though I think you said you needed to enable this).

I have more questions but I'll save those for later.


Re: Web Interface

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:44 am
by gandreas
I've found (and fixed) the crash where you connect to the server from the browser, go away from the server on the device, and try to reconnect to the server from the browser. I've only seen the crash, however, if you are trying to reconnect without having restarted the server.

That doesn't help with some of the other issues, but those are going to be handled in a larger fashion - the goal is to migrate from a simple set of web pages served up by the device to a full fledged AJAX style web app. The advantage of that is that you'll be able to download new versions of the web app and run them locally (connecting to the device). Most (if not nearly all) the pieces are there, but until I get the web app working I'm sure I won't discover some of the missing problems...

Re: Web Interface

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:38 pm
by Vaden
It sounds like I'm getting slightly results from you. I'm going to hope that your fix takes care of the entire problem... I'll test it out after the next version is released (c'mon apple).

AFA the new ajax interface, sounds real nice. I hope you get time to work on it soon.