Character sheets for deadlands reloaded & Savage Worlds

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Character sheets for deadlands reloaded & Savage Worlds

Post by jazzman » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:42 pm

Current Version

Download 1.31 from here: ... heets.html
Tip, look for the "Save file to your PC: click here" link at the bottom of the page, all other links are ads and not what you need.
Once saved, extract, then upload all files using the Web-based editor built into Dicenomicon.

Bug fixes/updates for version v1.31
- Added Base Savage Worlds Sheet
- Corrected Skills and Trait rolls so that they work under the current versions.
- Removed Damage rolls for Sweep and Fan The Hammer, appears to be a bug in the program. Plan to restore once issue if identified. Use current weapon damage roll in meantime.
- Updated Weapon examples to be closer to the setting.
- Made base Grit auto-calculating based upon XP for Deadlands Reloaded sheets.
- Removed Guts from Skills on Savage Worlds sheet based upon Deluxe rules.
- Added more comments to the rolls to help identify options/skills chosen.
- Modified Weapon Lists to have an indicator for selected weapon, plan to remove if I can get the more simple check mark to work again.
- Added footer to identify the version of the sheet that you are using.

Future development
Integrate panes
Utilize inheritance to reduce file size
Add temp/permanent trait modifiers to both skills and and attributes for tracking boost/lower trait and injuries.
Start to add spell casting.
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Re: Character sheets for deadlands reloaded

Post by jazzman » Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:06 pm


Download Deadlands.xml - v1.3 and Deadlands@2Weapons. xml - v1.1 from here:
Tip, look for the "Save file to your PC: click here" link at the bottom of the page, all other links are ads and not what you need.
Once saved, extract, then upload all files using the Web-based editor built into Dicenomicon.

Bug fixes/updates for version Deadlands.xml - v1.3 and Deadlands@2Weapons. xml - v1.1
- Resolve issue with Attribute Rolls where the wild die was a d1000
- Hope to resolve an issue where the attributes display at the top of the page shows 1 level for each attribute even though multiple levels are set. The issue was with the display of the name. If this is not fixed, the way to get it working is to go into the edit name section, click inside, make a minor change.
- Modified the Special Rolls to handle the skill when it's untrained.
- Gave id's to a number of the rolls, so they will show up in the Log.

Bug fixes/Updates for version Deadlands.xml - v1.2 and Deadlands@2Weapons. xml - v1.0
- Character name
- Corrected the d12+x rolls to add the x to both the skill die and the wild die, per confirmation from SW developers
- Added Sweep and Frenzy
- Skills and Attributes can be given the master edge(d10 wild die).
- New file, 2Weapon character sheet. All of the special rolls, as appropriate, will now prompt for which weapon to use, primary or offhand, and if the attack is part of a multi-weapon attack. So this will actually work for those who have Ambidextrous, Two Fisted, both, or neither. Just need to adjust the mod in the Attack mod section respective to the edges you have. If you are normally a single weapon user but then in a bind you decide to go dual wielding, you can switch back and forth between the two sheets as your tactics change. If you do decide to switch back and forth, recommended to change the offhand weapon to something else to store the current shots remaining.

Bug fixes/updates for version Deadlands.xml - v1.1
- ParryMod, so if the weapon provides a bonus or penalty, your parry on the character sheet will be adjusted when you equip the weapon.
- Legendary Trait Rolls - Can now handle the d12+1, d12+2 and d12+3 traits that can be obtained with legendary edges or with magic boosts. Parry and Toughness also account for the +x number properly.

Features for Deadlands.xml - v1 - updated from the version that Taharka posted.
* Injury Levels - when set, the fatigue and wound penalties are factored into all trait rolls, including the skills section and the Special Rolls.
* Shotgun damage - can handle the variable damage. In the weapon list, enter the damage as d+6 and turn on the "use shotgun damage", when the weapon is selected on the character sheet, it will calculate the damage based upon what is set currently set as the range to the target.
* Range to target - when set from the character sheet, the values for both the penalty to the attack rolls and the variable shotgun damage will be set. Any special rolls and the skill rolls for throwing and shooting will account for the range penalty.
* Remaining ammo - as you take shots, you can manually tally the rounds of ammo used. If you change weapons, the remaining rounds are saved. So you shoot twice with a Peacemaker and adjust the number down to 4, then switch to a double barrel shotgun, the information for the max and current ammo will change to that of the Shotgun. When you change back to the peacemaker, it will show that you only have 4 shots remaining. There is a reload button to reset the number back to max. This does not do the math for multi-action(reload and shoot), so you will have to mentally adjust the attack rolls accordingly.
* Guts Skill roll will modify the roll to add your current grit value.(you must set your rank level in the grit tab, it doesn't auto calculate the base number)
* Heal skill, like all other skills, already account for your personal wound levels. You will mentally have to account for the target's wound level though. So if you are trying to heal someone who is wounded at -2 and you are at -3 wounds, you will only need to adjust the value rolled by the -2 for the target wound level.
* Parry and Toughness will auto-calculate the base number for you. There is a variable list for each to allow for any misc. mods that may affect it.
* Skills list shows the linked Attribute for the skill
* Weapons list has a lot of new fields, Attack bonus(place to records +2 shooting for the shotgun), flag for using the shotgun damage feature(1-3d6), and the rounds remaining in the gun. Damage for any weapon must be entered using the "Open" roll formatting, so damage for a Colt Peacemaker would be 2d+6 + 1

With the new fields for the weapons list and the Skills list, you may want to clear the current values to allow for the examples to load. To do so, change the Game to NONE, then go into the Globals, touch edit, and delete the "weaponlist" and the "skills" variables. Then change the game back to Deadlands. This will wipe out any weapons and skills that you have previously entered, but then you would have a couple weapon examples to see how it should be.

Additionally there is no error checking, so you could have a shotgun selected as the current weapon and then choose to do a wild attack, or have a knife selected when you "Fan the Hammer". It's left up to the user to know the rules of their weapons and what "special rolls" can be used.

Also, for any of the "special rolls" that give parameters to choose from, like a called shot has both the Target location and the type of attack, double check the selected value that's on the left and not the dial. There is a glitch where the current value shown on the dial may not be the selected value. The value on the left is what is used in the rolls, so if it's not correct, change the dial to a different option and back until it shows the current value you expect.

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