Several Bug Reports 3.0.3 (d&d3.5)

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Several Bug Reports 3.0.3 (d&d3.5)

Post by Mordial » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:21 am

So I'm new to the app and really like the animation/idea of it but it's currently unfortunately broken to the point of making it less then useful.

Default install on an iPad2. Activate Game:3.5e (1.2) Character Sheet (database not downloaded)

1. Editing character sheet is more then flaky. Many times changing an ability or really any other field have no effect.
2. Saves are wrong as they ignore the Dice Roll
3. Skills cannot be modified (even if xml is exported and edited numbers are still ignored)
4. Exporting XML and modifying favorite rolls and character values is flaky. Dice rolls modification seem ignored and I still see "default" rolls in table
5. It seems that importing an XML file always makes the file inherit from "default". This is now what I want (I think). And it's possible that this overwrites the dice rolls
6. Adding Wizard Levels have no effect on Base Attack or Saves (it should right?)
7. Spells cannot be added. They don't show up in spell list

Bascially very little works.

What's the recommended way of editing favorite rolls? The editor on the iPad is to painful to use for more advanced formulas.

Hope some of this can be taken care of in an upcoming release. I'm willing to beta test any changes you make.

The animation of the app and the flexibility of it's language is tempting but perhaps the app is overachieving? Perhaps better to focus to get a more limit set to work "rock-solid" and then build on that?

I would also be very interested in beta testing the OSX version using the 3.5 rule set and some medium complexity custom rolls

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