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Is there a way to keep a backup of a character?

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:37 am
by Xerxes
I love Net Hack and have been playing it since the 80s when it first came out. I love the @d character for the iPhone icon, too.

My question: Isn't there a way to keep a back up of a character on iPhone?

I'm a recreational player, and I've always used the cheat to keep a back up of a character so that I am immortal (just revive the back up when YAAD) and use a back up to identify all the items one accumulates after a few levels by using the "Quit and Give Up" option to discover all the item attributes then revive a back up to name all the known items through the cheat.

I would ascend purely on my own without the identification cheat, but I've only once tried that on a PC but still kept a backup to be immortal.