Just registered to thank you

Discussion of Rogue and NetHack for iPhone
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Just registered to thank you

Post by Pitta » Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:28 am

I just registered (and I'm about to write my very first AppStore review) to thank you Gandreas for Rogue.


In the past 20 years or so I never became too addicted to Rogue/Nethack etc...your little App Store Gem has changed this...now my only target seems to reach the Yendor Amulet...
VERY WELL DONE (I love the gesture commands).

I would gladly pay for some enhanced graphics (I know it defeats the whole Rogue concept but still...) and maybe a more original thing with some kind of story (and gesture commands for magic spells)....

Again, many many thanks, impressive work (I have purchased many 'famous' app games, from Spore to Hero of Sparta, from Vay to 1112) but Rogue is the only one I'm urged to return to...it is just too addictive and well done.


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Post by gandreas » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:19 am


Rogue was actually an experiment to see how well a rogue-like could be translated to an iPhone (especially considering how "command rich" it was). While the gesture system isn't perfect, it seems like a reasonable solution.

And yes, I've consider writing my own "rogue-like" with improved graphics, storyline, and richer procedural world generation system that I've been designing. Not to mention I could take advantage of my Dicenomicon technology to have "real" dice rolled in the game system (though I'm not sure if that would enhance or detract from the overall experience).

In the mean time, I should have a (relatively minor) update for Rogue that I'm finishing up, and the "NetHack experiment" might yield some interesting results...

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Post by Pitta » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:54 am

Thank you.
The 'gesture command' is, imho, simply brilliant and adds quite a bit to the rogue experience...my most used gesture is the find secret doors one.

I'm looking forward your next 'rpg' project (a compelling story line and improved graphics could do wonders imho)...if there is any sort of mailing list, consider me in.

In any case, again thank you for your effort.

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