NetHack beta testing / bug hunting

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NetHack beta testing / bug hunting

Post by Tobias » Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:53 pm

'Hello World' of beta testing / bug hunting. Took the liberty to start a separate topic so please rearrange if needed. Here goes...


Didn't read properly so first just dragged the Nethack app to iTunes. After synchronizing the app was installed but wouldn't start. Dragged the mobileprovision document to iTunes and resynchronized. App still wouldn't start. Deleted app from phone + both files from iTunes (did a Finder search). This time I dragged both files to iTunes and synchronized phone. Sure enough, worked fine. ;)

Testing right now...

'More' button locks when trying to throw unthrowable. (Scalpel..) Restart to restore.
Graphic mode: Screen goes black after looking at items (inventory etc). Flip to restore.
Typo: Commands -> Expore (Explore?)

Will edit and update this post.
Thanks! /T

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Post by gandreas » Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:10 pm

'More' button locks when trying to throw unthrowable. (Scalpel..) Restart to restore.
OK, this is what is causing the problem: If you do an action that requires an object (usually of a particular type) in your inventory, such as "quaff" (which wants potions), NetHack will ask for a prompted reply, with the prompt "What do you want to quaff? [ab or ?*]" (where (a) and (b) are two potions that are in your inventory.

In initial versions, the iPhone port automatically replied with "*" to cause the menu with the appropriate items to appear. This of course lead to a problem where most of the stuff was not applicable (since "quaff" would only apply to potions). So I changed it to just reply with "?" which would cause it to only show the menu with applicable items. Sounds good so far.

The problem is that if there was only one item applicable, it wouldn't show the menu - it would just spit out a status line that listed that single item, wait for the "more" to happen, and then it would re-ask the question.

And so we'd be in an infinite loop of "What do you want to quaff? [b or ?*]" "b) Puce Potion" *more* "What do you want to quaff? [b or ?*]" etc...

Changing it back to "*" helps for the most part (plus it allows cases like wielding corpses, since they wouldn't show up if you did a '?' as far as I know), but there could still be a problem when you only had a single item in your inventory (and that item is applicable to the action at hand).

Not sure yet how to resolve this, but that's what's going on...

Problem resolved! Since this is pretty close to a show stopper, there may be another beta build later today...

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