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d10 is coming up as Roman numerals, cannot change back to default

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:33 am
by tomd1969
So I'm rolling a d10, and they're coming up with Roman Numerals. Interesting, I don't remember changing that, but whatever. I go poking around in the settings. I find Settings/Customize/Custom Dice. There is a section called "Favorite Custom Dice" wherein the user can replace the standard dice with something else. All of the dice have "(default)" listed, except d10: it says "Roman Numerals (X)." "AH!" I say. I go into the setting and am presented with five choices:
  • (Default)
  • Roman Numerals (ones)
  • Roman Numerals (ones)
  • Roman Numerals (tens)
  • Roman Numerals (X)
I tap "(Default)" and a check mark appears next to it. I notice that there is no "Done" button, only a back arrow. I tap that, and next to d10, it still shows "Roman Numeral (X)." I go back into the option and try the same exact steps again; doesn't work. I go back into the option, try tapping one of the other options (such as Roman Numerals (ones)) and that successfully changes the setting. I bristle my moustache and try again. Nope, I can get d10 to change to any other option except (default). Luckily, my preferred game system doesn't use d10s.

I am running Dicenomicon 3.2.1 on iOS 9.1 on an iPhone 5c.