quadrium | flame 1.1 released!!!

quadrium | flame : flame fractals & strange attractors : build, mutate, evolve, animate

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quadrium | flame 1.1 released!!!

Post by gandreas » Mon Oct 23, 2006 2:24 pm

quadrium | flame 1.1 has been released, with new features (many not available to any other flame fractal package) including:
  • More flame types (up to 24) including 3D flames
    AppleScriptability so you can write scripts to automate a wide variety of common effects
    Layers allowing you to partition flames (so you can combine other flames with strange attractors and not cause the attractor to "collapse")
    A wide variety of "trap" effects
    Background gradient objects
    Higher resolution movies
    Alternate coloring schemes
    Over 150 pages of documentation
    And much more...
quadrium | flame 1.1 is $39.95 (free upgrade for registered owners of previous version).

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