Questions with Props for 3.5e char sheet and likely issues

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Questions with Props for 3.5e char sheet and likely issues

Post by jazzman » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:27 am

1) Shouldn't it be possible to change information on the items for props? For example
a) Class, I can not select the current class and change the value manually to the next level, I have to select the edit, add a base class and then add the specific class
b) Skills, I can not change the ranks, stat, etc. So for all of the existing skills the only thing added to the roll is the skill mod.
c) Named Skills, When creating a named skill, I can not modify the stats, so for Knowledge it has the base skill of Str and I can not change it to Int
d) Weapons, Can not seem to make a longsword +1, +2, etc. The bonus changes back to 0.

2) Is it possible to have multiple of an item? For instance if a rouge wants to fight with a dagger +1 and a dagger +2, how can they have both? Adding the dagger prevents it from being added twice. Making the dagger a named prop could work, but with the issue above for editing and potentially the one below for identifying the named prop, it's not an option.

3) Use of Named skills, if you have multiple named skills, you can not identify them on the character sheet, they all look the same. ie Knowledge(Arcana) and Knowledge(Kol Mountains) appear on the skills pane as just Knowledge

4) Outside of 3.5e, I'm looking to expand the work I did on the savage worlds sheet. One aspect with savage worlds is that it's very modular, many different game worlds that could have some slight changes to the core rules. For instance, in the core rules, there could be 30 edges one could choose from, but for one of the other game worlds it could remove 3 of those edges, change 2 of them, and add in 5 more. Adding shouldn't be a problem, how do you go about removal and changes to those props.

5) Along the same lines, if I'm controlling the list of skills through a prop, is it possible for the user to add a custom skill not in the props using the interface like they could if it was strictly a list of records, or is the only way is for that user to figure out how to create an extension for that sheet outside of the program?

6) What determines when the version of the sheet appears on the game room list, some have them, some don't some are individual pages while others are nested? Even with the pages I'm working on, sometimes some show, othertimes they don't.

I've already attempted to remove and readd the app and the issues continue to exist.
This is on an iPod 3gs, iOS 5.0.1 on 3.0.4

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