d20 Dex Mod Prob+Solution

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d20 Dex Mod Prob+Solution

Post by neondrmr » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:39 pm

On a fresh install of Dicenomicon with the game set to D&D, d20 (1.1), 3.5e (1.2) and the Dex stat set to 12 or greater the Cur Dex Mod value will not update to be greater then zero. This causes all kinds of other calculations to fail such as saves, AC, and skills.

There are at least two ways to fix this that I've tested. The simplest way is to add both some armor and a shield (both of which can be deleted later) to force the respective MaxDexBonus properties to update. Once you equip the armor and shield you can then remove them and the character sheet should continue to behave correctly. Note however that new gameroom/characters will need the same procedure.

The complex fix is to download the sample character sheets collection available on the website. Edit the file named D&D@d20.xml and go to lines 172 & 173 which set the initial value of the MaxDexBonus property for armor and shield. Change the word "MaxDexBounus" to be "MaxDexBonus" in both lines and then use this file to overwrite/update the app's copy. This should fix both new and existing characters.

I've only been useing this app for a couple weeks (and loveing it!) but this was driving me buggy so I dove into the deep end of the pool to solve it and wanted to share what I found. I hope this helps!

- neondrmr

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