Quadrium, Registration Question.

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Quadrium, Registration Question.

Post by error » Fri Apr 13, 2007 1:36 pm

Hi there,

I have the DEMO versions of quadrium 2 and quadrium flame, and planning to buy the full versions as soon as I have the financial means to do it. I will be using these softwares for my final project of my MA degree (which is going to be an abstract audiovisual piece), along with other softwares. I will need some kind of invoice for my purchase since these expenses will be covered in the budget given to us. Am I going to recieve some kind of proof of purchase when I register?

By the way, it is a great software, good job really; the ease of use is incredibly motivating and considering that I'm going to use quadrium for exporting animations, it seems much more convincing to use quadrium rather than apophysis. There is one thing though: the sequencing tab (to create morphing images) is inadequately simple I think. It is hard to create smoothly transforming images (more than two) using that sequencer. A timeline could facilitate things or some features which could make the user see the exact progress of the evolution of images could be of help. just an idea..

One last thing, do you know anyone who use quadriums to make audiovisual pieces? I would like to see what they do and how they are using quadrium for this purpose, contact them if I need to, etc. I would be glad if you could provide me some links about this.

All the best,


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Post by gandreas » Fri Apr 13, 2007 1:58 pm

When you register, you'll be given a chance to print out a receipt right then and there, plus an email receipt will be sent to you as well (in case you need it later).

I agree that there can be more done with the movie keyframe setup, and its one of the areas that will be getting more work in future releases (like, for example, being able to grab a keyframe out of a movie to make it easier to edit it rather than just replacing it, not to mention a more explicit timeline).

I don't off hand know who is doing what with my software (and sometimes I'm guessing I really don't _want_ to know), but I do know that some people have asked for HD resolution movies - I believe if you look through some of the quadrium flame boards, you'll find some people who were interested in such features.

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Post by error » Fri Apr 13, 2007 4:49 pm


I hope everything goes fine with your work. Thanks a lot for your reply. I'll check what you said.



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